• Who we are

    Special Contingency Risks


    SCR has been assisting clients in the insurance and management of kidnap and extortion, political evacuation events, risk mitigation and general security for over 30 years and is the recognised leader in this field. SCR also leads the principal Accident and Health team in London, enabling a fully integrated people risks approach. SCR provides both financial protection solutions and in-house security risk management services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals around the world.


    Central to SCR’s ethos is maximising the value our clients derive from the cover they purchase. We work with underwriters to do more than just create insurance programmes; SCR’s philosophy is to be proactive in developing measures to Inform, Prevent and, if the worst happens, to Respond to crisis events. The culmination of this approach is our groundbreaking service, Alert 24, available exclusively to clients of SCR.


    Special Contingency Risks is a trading name of Willis Limited, Registered number: 181116 England and Wales. Registered address: 51 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7DQ. A Lloyd’s Broker. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for its general insurance mediation activities only.

  • Your Risks

    An increasingly broad
    spectrum of risks is affecting
    the way the world does
    business. We can help
    you understand and
    mitigate those threats.

    Duty of care

    When expanding into high-growth, high-risk environments, SCR and its consultancy, Alert:24, helps you to provide a duty of care to your employees. Failure to properly discharge effective corporate duty of care can severely tarnish a company’s reputation and be costly. Our experienced risk professionals can help you to mitigate these risks to your employees and help you manage the financial impact.

    Social unrest

    With the wave of political upheaval in many areas of the world triggering disruption in key markets like North Africa and the Middle East, and the social unrest seen across European cities, it is critical for you to have a clear understanding of the developing risks associated with operating in these areas. Our intelligence can give you the insights you need.

    Natural catastrophe

    Natural catastrophes and extreme weather events continue to ravage the globe. The effects are felt particularly strongly in emerging markets where infrastructure is often not built to withstand such events. It is critical for you to protect your people and assets and to evacuate them to safety. We can help with the delivery of insurance programmes and crisis management plans.

  • Alert:24

    Alert:24 is SCR’s in-house security risk consultancy and crisis management practice. Providing intelligence, analysis, risk mitigation services and a 24/7 crisis response operations centre, we have unrivalled experience in handling highly sensitive and complex situations for our clients.

    “This is the Holy Grail for us and our peer group. We have been trying to provide our employees with a service like this for years.”

    Head of Security for a global engineering and construction firm

    Our approach

    Effective risk management is of strategic importance to the success of an organisation. In conjunction with the transfer of risk, we provide a range of risk advisory solutions enabling organisations to achieve their potential in existing markets and realise emerging opportunities.

    Our team

    Our team of former military, police and intelligence services personnel are practised and professionally qualified in a wide range of security disciplines, as well as being experienced trainers with multi-lingual capabilities.

    Our services

    Our aim is to help you understand and mitigate the risks you face by providing intelligence, consultancy and training services in the following key areas:

    • Intelligence
    • Kidnap
    • Travel
    • Security and terrorism
    • Crisis management
    • Crisis communication

  • Inform

    Our proactive,
    client-specific threat
    analysis gives you the
    intelligence and insights
    you need to better
    understand the risks
    that you face.

    “Alert:24’s ability to provide sound, stable and impartial advice is invaluable.”

    Head of Risk for a leading food and drink company

    Online Services

    Our web-based intelligence gives you access to:

    • Country-level risk ratings
    • Security and political risk profiles and ratings
    • Intelligence archives
    • Player profiles
    • Medical and travel information

    Together we build a sound basis of understanding and scenarios on which to construct risk mitigation plans.

    Bespoke Intelligence

    We offer bespoke consultancy drawing on a wide and tested expertise. We work with clients to identify the full spectrum of current and future threats to their people and business operations.


    Our regular insights and incident-specific bulletins provide clients with the information needed to understand the trends that shape their risks as well as preventative advice for challenging and shifting environments.

    An annual review of global kidnap trend & impact is available.

  • Prevent

    We help you plan for
    the unexpected, keeping
    your business fully
    prepared to deal with
    any risks to your people.

    “The training proved that having experts on hand really adds value.”

    A training participant from a major shipping, oil & gas company

    Bespoke service

    We provide tailored services to improve your security and reduce your exposure to risks. By working with you in high-threat environments or at the corporate level with your senior leadership team, we can educate your workforce and help protect your employees all around the world, wherever you operate.

    Planning and training

    We ensure that your people know what to do if an incident occurs. Drawing on our knowledge, experience and expertise, we work with you to develop and improve security and reduce risk exposures. Our training and consultancy packages are always tailored to suit our clients but can include pre-incident risk and crisis management planning and training, instruction on evacuation and advice on working in hostile environments.

    Our team

    We have a highly experienced, market-leading consultancy team with a Special Forces core. They have a broad range of experience having worked in:

    • The United Nations
    • The Special Air Service Regiment
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Metropolitan Police Special Branch
  • Respond

    Our Alert:24 Operations Centre
    is managed 24/7 by experienced
    risk professionals, giving you
    support whenever and wherever
    you need it.

    “Alert:24’s response to a sensitive situation was timely, highly efficient and provided an effective solution to a potentially damaging incident.”

    A US-based professional
    services client

    Direct contact

    You will speak directly to a dedicated team that will work around the clock on your behalf to ensure you have all the support you need at the time when you need it most. A team that not only has first-hand experience of working in some of the most challenging environments around the world but also one that understands the importance of finding you a suitable solution.


    With a global network of response providers and assistance services we make sure you get the most appropriate and effective solution for the situation. We help you navigate through the incident until it is successfully resolved.


    During a crisis situation we will help you manage the complexity and provide you with options and solutions supported by our Inform and Prevent capability.

    We will coordinate between you as a client, the assistance providers and insurers in conjunction with our Claims Department, to provide an integrated solution.

  • Accident & Health

    The human workforce is the single most important asset
    in any organisation: it is also the most vulnerable. Providing
    the best protection for your people against unexpected events
    is not just a legal and moral, but also commercial imperative.
    These unwelcome events vary widely in form and severity
    of impact to the individuals and their employers.

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    Corporate Personal Accident & Travel

    Worldwide coverage for personnel, travel packages for business travellers and expatriates. The scope and benefits are selected to match clients’ and Human Resources requirements, complementing any other employee benefits, includes Medical Expenses and Emergency Assistance Abroad.

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    IGOs / NGOs

    Injury and illness cover against malicious acts including Terrorism, Staff Compensation, Defined Benefits, War Risks, Group Life, Medical Evacuation and Travel Benefit plans.

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    Global War and Terrorism

    Comprehensive benefits for local and international staff of not-for-profit entities, charities, security companies or contractors operating worldwide and particularly in areas of conflict.
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    Cover can be arranged for accidental death, temporary and permanent disablement of the individual, and accumulation risk of a whole team travelling together.
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    Specific risks of the entertainment and sporting industries. For athletes, entertainers, agents, teams, sponsors, promoters, venues, governing bodies (conferences, leagues) and universities.
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    US Medical Self-Insured Stop Loss
    (Specific and Aggregate)

    All aspects of medical stop loss coverage and bring many years' experience to this coverage to convey viable solutions and options to our client base, be it for individual employer groups or tough to place risks.

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    Group Life Assurance

    Policies are arranged for employer groups, associations, sports teams or specific groups such as expatriate employees or executive management.
    Includes Keyman Cover.

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  • Kidnap & Ransom

    SCR is the global, market-leading
    broker in the placement of Kidnap and
    Ransom programmes. We advise clients,
    depending on their individual exposure,
    to create the best package of
    insurance and crisis management.

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    Handled correctly, a K&R policy can play a critical role in an organisation’s security risk management. Our specialist approach to both land-based and maritime K&R insurance combines intelligence, financial protection, prevention and crisis management. Operating from locations in the UK, USA and Denmark, SCR’s team of K&R specialists access cover from the leading insurance markets worldwide.


    Our in-house claims team has managed more than 500 incidents of :

    • Kidnap
    • Extortion
    • Unlawful detention
    • Piracy
    • Political Evacuation


    We work with clients of every size and in every sector where there is a potential kidnap or extortion exposure. Whilst any client with operations in and/or travel to countries outside Europe and North America is exposed, the industries most frequently targeted include:

    • Energy and Extractive Industries
    • Financial Institutions
    • Shipping Companies
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Airlines
    • Charities and NGOs
  • Insure

    By purchasing the insurance that we offer,
    you will gain the reassurance of the financial
    protection that the policies provide as well as the
    ability to access our 24/7 global operations
    centre. You may also have access to a unique risk
    mitigation allowance that can be used to pay for
    the consultancy services offered by Alert:24.

    “The ability to link multiple lines of insurance through a single assistance service is unique and appealing.”

    Global Insurance Director for one
    of the world's leading law firms

    Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)

    • K&R including Extortion, Hijack, Detention
    • Annual and multi-year corporate cover
    • Trip or project
    • Piracy
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    PA:24 incorporating

    • Group Personal Accident & Illness
    • Emergency Medical Expenses including Evacuation & Repatriation
    • Crisis Management Advice & Temporary Security Measures
    • War & Terrorism
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    Corporate All Risks Evacuation (CARE)

    • Covers a wide spectrum of evacuation risks from political unrest and natural catastrophes to medical or pandemic
    • Provides financial protection against the costs of evacuation
    • Gives you access to the advice and coordination of Alert:24
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